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Hello and welcome. I'm a bride in Belfast who grew up on Father of the Bride and dreams of a wedding at the Plaza or an outdoor ceremony in a private home in Nantucket. I've big dreams and a little budget. So with this blog I hope to share with you how I'm trying to get a very personal, bespoke, luxurious wedding in Northern Ireland with a little budget squeezing and creativity. Or as I have come to see it a Vera Wang wedding on a Walmart budget.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

 Last night was our wedding cake appointment to sample our cake. We met  with the lovely Sarah from Marshmallow Grove who makes the most amazing Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I'm having this as a lovely alternative to fruit cake which costs a fortune and noone really (tell the truth) eats. I've loved red velvet from trips to America, and now the groom loves it too. And seeing as we got engaged there it's a nice way to incorpoate something we both like and will enjoy. I also like the fact (apart from the taste and price) that you can meet will Sarah and discuss in detail, alternative ways of approaching your cake, whether you want it exposed (lovely layers) or covered with deilcious cream cheese frosting/ icing, or opt for cupcakes. I also like the idea of avoiding the wee people on top of the cake and having a topper that ties in with our invitations. I will be able to make this and just stick it in the top of the cake. She can also look at suppling some amazing hand made macaroons! x

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